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Entry #1

And so it begins...

2007-11-26 16:03:36 by DinomightProductions

And so the madness begins...
We have just created our little flash group! Woot! We intend to make lots of games and animations with all sorts of styles and themes. We'll try to make them good :P We all do various different jobs in the group.

Current Members
No.1 = Sam (Main Scripter, Testing, Graphics) (The-Darkest)
No.2 = Niall (Animation, Scripting)
No.3 = Leia (Main Graphics, Ideas)(Stargirl)
No.4 = Vinny (Ideas Leader)
No.5 = Keelan (Ideas Leader, Tester)
No.6 = Adz (Ideas Leader)
No.7 = Connor (Ideas Leader, Graphics)
No.8 = Jo (Ideas)
No.9 = Jack (Ideas, Animation)
No.10 = Paul (Graphics, Ideas)
No.11 = Ryan (Ideas)
No.12 = Sarah (Main Tester, Ideas)


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