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Virtual Blue

2008-06-11 06:00:25 by DinomightProductions

Virtual Blue is a game-making group, like dinomight was going to be, but we never really got going. We are going to still work in flash, but our first game, The Realm of Arrwind, will be online, so we won't be able to submit the full version to Newgrounds. We will try to get you guys a demo or something, though. At the moment, it is just me (Niall) and Sam doing the coding and animating, and even I can't help much until my exams are done in a few weeks. Paul will probably help with the testing, and some of the rest of us from dinomight might be able to help. We haven't done loads of work on our sites yet, but you can check them out at virtualblue and troa-online . Keep checking back to those for any info on our future projects.

And so it begins...

2007-11-26 16:03:36 by DinomightProductions

And so the madness begins...
We have just created our little flash group! Woot! We intend to make lots of games and animations with all sorts of styles and themes. We'll try to make them good :P We all do various different jobs in the group.

Current Members
No.1 = Sam (Main Scripter, Testing, Graphics) (The-Darkest)
No.2 = Niall (Animation, Scripting)
No.3 = Leia (Main Graphics, Ideas)(Stargirl)
No.4 = Vinny (Ideas Leader)
No.5 = Keelan (Ideas Leader, Tester)
No.6 = Adz (Ideas Leader)
No.7 = Connor (Ideas Leader, Graphics)
No.8 = Jo (Ideas)
No.9 = Jack (Ideas, Animation)
No.10 = Paul (Graphics, Ideas)
No.11 = Ryan (Ideas)
No.12 = Sarah (Main Tester, Ideas)